With an internship abroad
Step into your future career.

A big step into the future.

We consider it our important mission to actively "develop" the next generation of young talent.
We offer internships every year for students, both in Japan and overseas, to gain on-the-job experience through practical work.
We hope that the "growth" opportunities we provide will lead to a big step toward the future.

Examples of Internship Initiatives

We offer internships for Japanese students in our overseas office in the Philippines.Internships abroad not only allow students to improve their practical English skills in an overseas environment, but also to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge that cannot be gained in Japan through working abroad and interacting with the local culture and people.

Interns' feedback

  • Intern Student Female A Exposure to different cultures gave me a broader perspective

    Participating in this internship taught me a lot in terms of knowledge and experience.
    In the call center operations, the people in the workplace supported me when I had questions from customers that I did not understand, and I was able to respond to them. Through my work, I improved my communication and problem-solving skills and gained a broader perspective by being exposed to the different culture of the Philippines. I feel that the challenge of living and working in a new environment away from my parents has helped me grow as a perso.
    I would like to incorporate the knowledge I gained from this experience into my future work life.

  • Intern male The fact that I was able to overcome language and cultural differences and grow has given me the confidence to take on future challenges.

    My previous part-time work experience was mainly limited to assisting acquaintances.
    My internship in the Philippines was a departure from my previous experiences.
    In a call center, you have many opportunities to interact directly with customers and learn more proactive language and communication skills necessary for business. I believe that by gaining a lot of experience, I have learned to express myself in a practical, accurate, and emotional manner.
    In addition, the fact that I was able to grow through the language and cultural differences has given me confidence for future challenges.
    It has been a rewarding experience for me and I feel it will be very useful in my future career.

  • Intern Female B A valuable opportunity to acquire professionalism that cannot be experienced in a part-time job

    Unlike a part-time job in the customer service industry, in an internship, customers do not know that I am a student.
    Therefore, I am required to deal with them as a member of an organization or a company.
    Sometimes I was scolded without discovery, but sometimes I received kind words.
    It was a valuable opportunity for me to learn professionalism, which I could not experience in a part-time job.
    I feel that putting myself in a different environment and actively tackling new challenges led to my personal growth.
    It was a good experience that will contribute greatly to my personal growth for the future.

*Conducted from August to September 2023

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